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Shereen’s Story

When I first dabbled with fitness, I hated the way I looked and I thought that was all I was – the way I looked. I remember the first time I was called “thunder thighs” in secondary school. It was then that I realised being one of the taller girls and not being able to walk softly were not the ideal body shape. I started to chase the scale. In fact, I chased all sorts of numbers from the timings of my latest runs to my weight and even when I started lifting, to the pounds I lifted. Not once did I hit the pause button to ask myself: How do I feel? What am I chasing for?

When some of my friends in University made a joke about how “my thighs could crush someone,” it crushed me because I thought if that’s what I’m known for, that’s who I am. And if that’s who I am, what’s there that I can offer the world? The turning point of this was when I picked up a book by Glennon Doyle Melton called “Love Warrior.” In it, she shares her story of heartbreak, betrayal, failure, anger, grief and emptiness – and on the other spectrum, of love, joy and gratitude. I realise then that we’re full of stories and we’re multi-layered individuals with histories, personalities and experiences. We are so so so much more than just the way we look.

That’s when I wanted to change the way I defined myself, by who I am and what I stand for. I really wanted then to change the experiences people had with fitness. Not pursuing fitness from a place of inadequacy, but from a place of gratitude and love. Because you love yourself and want to take care of yourself, that’s why you want to be strong and healthy and fit.

About ‘Fit Strong Zesty’

This is a 12-weeks guided fitness programme that aims to build a stronger you, both internally and externally. The programme includes:

  • 12-weeks guided programme with video explanations of the workout
  • Includes 3 components i.e. strength, flexibility and YOU-time
  • Fit Strong Zesty journal for intentional focus on planning, creativity and gratitude
  • Includes a whole segment on facilitated reflection
  • Unlimited Facebook Group and email support

This FIRST RUN is FREE and it comes with a hardcopy Fit Strong Zesty journal. Limited to the first 20 participants!

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