For Teachers

For Preschool Educators

Imagine if instead of starting their days hunched over a mobile phone, your young kids learn how to move well. From walking, catching and balancing, your child can learn to do so with strength and confidence from an early age. That’s what fundamental movement skills can do.

Being able to learn proper movement mechanics in a fun, engaging and interactive manner can:

  • Instil the strength and confidence needed to participate in group sports and acquiring more complex movement skills
  • Connect parents with their children through play and outdoor activities
  • Develop a love for sports and outdoors since young so that they can lead a healthy lifestyle

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For Secondary and Tertiary Educators


With SMFB Academy, we bring to you a thoughtfully crafted programme that aims to:

  • Develop emotionally intelligent leaders, who are purposeful and compassionate
  • Provide safe spaces for self-discovery, personal reflections and vulnerability
  • Develop empathy and courage to talk about ageing

Our Student Champions Development Programme (SCDP) is a thoughtfully-designed programme for tertiary students aged 13 to 18, to develop the necessary emotional intelligence, empathy and project management skills to plan, run and assess impact-driven community projects. This is customisable to a cohort-level or to a 6-months intensive programme.

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