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The ‘What’

Strong Mind Fit Body (SMFB) is a registered social enterprise that believes in a world built with empathy, where we can age bravely. We believe that a world that is empathetic towards the aged needs to first practice self-compassion. For us to love others, we must first believe that we are worthy of love and belonging, regardless the age or physical appearance. That is why at SMFB, all our programmes have a strong focus on introspection and resilience building activities. We integrate space and time in all our programmes for facilitated reflections, community engagement and team-building activities.

What’s unique about our programmes is that we engage using creative play, co-creation and movement. This allows the learning experiences of our participants to be an authentic and immersive one. Our programmes are designed to teach:

  • Health and fitness within communities, public and private organisations through SMFB Neighbourhoods, Home-Based SMFB and SMFB Accelerate
  • Community service and entrepreneurship in schools and youth groups through SMFB Academy

The ‘Why’

We are deeply convicted that the reality of ageing should be experienced with love, joy and dignity. Where many (mistakenly) envision ageing to be a bleak experience where hope dwindles, SMFB believes in standing firm as the beacon of hope and light.

It is our vision that the next time you see an individual taking an extra moment to board the bus or hesitating before getting onto the moving escalator, you will treat that individual with love, kindness and respect. You would believe that that individual is worthy of every bit of love and belonging as yourself. And that you will have the trust that the people around you are feeling and thinking the same. When the tables are turned and you are now that individual, you too will have the personal conviction that you are worthy of love and belonging, and the deep rooted trust that society is treating you the same. This will be the world in which we can age bravely.

The ‘How’

At SMFB, every choice is intentional. The words we choose, actions we undertake and decisions we make; everything speaks volumes about how we treat one another and how we want to be treated. These values anchor the work of SMFB inside and out.

#1 Accountability and Trust | We always believe that everyone is trying their best. In parallel, then, the responsibility to account for both presence and absence is essential.

#2 Courage and Strength | We prize willingness to take calculated risks and raise daring ideas, such that every discussion be based on building one another up so it might be a birthplace for creativity.

#3 Love and Forgiveness | Every relationship is built first and foremost, on love. Then where people fall short, it calls upon each of us to practice forgiveness where one willingly repents.

Here’s how we do things differently in our programmes.