Work from a place of enough

I once read this book that bore this question (some manifestation of it),

“How often do we wake up and before our feet even touches the ground, we’re already thinking how we do not have enough sleep, enough time, or how we are not ready for this meeting or that examination?”

We start the daybreak with the intense belief of not having enough, or not being enough.

Imagine if from today, we believed that we are enough because everything we need to ‘become more’ is within us.

Hang on.

This is confusing.

How do I believe that ‘I am enough’ and still want to continue growing myself?

Won’t that mean that I either think I am ‘not good enough’ or that I’m obnoxiously believing that I’m perfect?


Let me explain.

You can believe you are enough because…

you are not what you do, what you own, the mistakes you’ve made, the successes you’ve gained, who your friends are, the number of friends you have, the amount of time you have, the amount of money you earn, your position in the company, your grades at school…

The list can go on.

You are not any ONE of these things. Because you’re a culmination of experiences, personalities, values, faith and your environment.

You can continue growing and ‘becoming more’ in these areas.

And you’re going to do so with who you are.

And who you are is a culmination of MANY things.

With all of these, you are enough.

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