Be present with the person

We talk to ourselves A LOT. Did you ever notice that?

From the few minutes I spent waiting around at Starbucks for my drink, there are a million thoughts going around my head.

These students, how often do they visit Starbucks?
Is there a 1-for-1 that I don’t know about?
Where should I settle myself down?
Are there power plugs there?
Would the seats be too high?

We could be thinking about a conversation we had a few days back, or a few weeks back. We could be planning for a meeting that would happen later in the afternoon.

Point is, we’re rarely present in the here and now.

Ever sat at the beach and looked at kids run up and down the sand, collecting water from the beach and depositing it somewhere else? They do it over and over again with the focal purpose of doing just that.

How often are we THAT present?

Today, I’d like you to be present in ONE moment.

Choose any.

A lunch time conversation with a friend.
A scheduled Skype session with your client.
A commute from office to home.

Choose any and be there.

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