Be the safe space

Earlier this week, you learnt about safe spaces. It’s where you can freely share your unfiltered thoughts and emotions.

Today, we’d like you to create that space for others.


I’ve had those heavy conversations with friends before.

They might be sharing about how much they hate their jobs; how helpless they are that their parents are fighting again; or how they felt forgotten when you didn’t reply their messages.

Sitting there and taking it in makes me want to squirm in my seat.

It’s uncomfortable. And we’re left thinking what the best response should be.


What we usually respond with is, “I’m sure everything would be okay.” Or we start the sentence with “Well, at least…”


While that might be us trying to guide them to looking at the positive side of things, we’re not fully acknowledging how they feel.

If that happened to me, I’d walk away feeling more ashamed that I even felt this way.


Let’s be that safe space for your friend.

Practice the pause.

Acknowledge how they feel.

Allow them to be real in front of you.

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