Practice the pause

We’re going to be talking about the power of the pause today.

This concept has been introduced in so many ways – in public speaking, sales, facilitation, therapy and even anger management. I also like the alliteration.

Pausing allows us to actually make the space for ourselves to collect our thoughts and for others to collect theirs.

I remember when I was a kid in secondary school, I was terrified of raising my hands. I’d sit there going through all sorts of what ifs. I’d take my time to organise and collect my thoughts.  By the time I was ready to inch my hand up, the class has moved on.

Then, I’d get this nagging feeling. I now have a thought that is going to just sit on my mind. I’d feel somewhat wasted and let down, on behalf of it.

I trust myself less.


While conversations do not transpire in the exact same context (for one, your friend wouldn’t need to raise a hand to speak to you), consciously holding a pause means that:

  • You recognise that your friend might need time to tune in to their thoughts
  • You get a chance to fully internalise what they’re saying
  • You build the trust that you’re always ready to listen


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