Ask for your safe space

What is a safe space? You might some idea.

Have you ever:

Caught yourself holding your breath as you share a shameful or guilty moment you had and gave a sigh of relief when your friend responds with kindness and grace?

Caught yourself midway through the conversation feeling surprised at how much intimate details you are sharing and how comfortable you are in the conversation?

Caught yourself taking screenshots of angry conversations you had with super mean comments being made and sent them to your friend for some validation and support?


When you find a parent, partner, friend, colleague or even a stranger that allows you to feel safe doing any of the above, that’s a safe space.


They are the people you go to:

  • At the heat of the moment
  • In brief pulses of passion
  • When you are feeling less than

And they remind you that you are enough. You are worthy NOT WHEN you are pretty enough, smart enough, or successful enough, but worthy JUST AS.


Today, take the courage to ask for it.

You deserve it.

Everyone deserves it.

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