Listen to understand

I was having dinner with a friend the other day. She recently got a new job but she has already started dreading going to work.

She felt unheard when her manager talks to her through others.
She felt bored and disengaged with the amount of work assigned to her.
She felt disappointed that she wasn’t getting travel opportunities.

As she was sharing what happened in the last team meeting she had, I was in a r a p i d problem-solving mood.


IF she clarified her responsibilities with her manager, she might be able to spend her time more meaningful. Or IF she brought this feedback to the manager, she might be able to better understand her manager’s point of view.


But the thing is, I stopped listening to understand.

I had disappeared into my head to craft my response while she was still sharing.

We cannot seek to build relationships based on trust and love and grace, if we’re not even there to do so. And when we disappear into our heads to think of a response, we stop being present for the person.


Today, we challenge you to listen to understand.


Open your heart.

Open your mind.

Take time to listen, and only listen to understand.

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