Drop into your heart to share

I’d pat myself on the back for being a good listener. I could sit here for hours and hours to listen. Because I love getting to know people.

What I found to be SUUUUUUUUPER difficult for me is when tables are turned and I get to share about myself.

The last time I was discussing the next directions for my business with my sister, I remember her asking me how I felt about an opportunity that had presented itself. And I instinctively went, “Wait, let me think.” I start to rationalise and pull on all the frameworks that I know of to organise my thoughts. #truestory

It’s very hard for me to drop into my heart and share with my authentic self.

Today, when I want to tune into how I feel, I’d take a few deep breaths and get mindful of the space. Then, I’d listen to myself with a quiet mind.

I feel the very first sensations that come out.

I tune in.

I’d like you to try doing the same. Without rationalising, reasoning and regurgitating, let your authentic self out.

Speak from your heart, and only from your heart.

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