Choose your stories wisely

Stories are how we make sense of the world. 

The same context can be viewed very differently by two people precisely because the narratives that go on in their heads are different.

If you think about THREE big parts of your life, what are the LOUDEST stories?

When you acknowledge your story and choose to own it, you can rewrite the ending.

A favourite quote from Brene Brown that beautifully encapsulates this is:


For me:


“You’ve got to study hard, remember the formulas and make the most of your degree because that’s what a successful graduate do.”

Education is about gaining knowledge, learning and growth. It can come from theories, formulas, books and it can also come from meaningful conversations, experiences and daring to put yourself out there.


“You’re the gentle person in the relationship and be always ready to listen, forgive and understand because that’s what people with your gender do.”

Your gender is one part of who you are, you can choose to be gentle, kind, forgiving, understanding and empathetic because that’s who you want to be. But you can also choose to be courageous, creative, bold, ambitious and risk-taking.


“You’ve to hustle hard, be heavily caffeinated and know your way around any pitch.”

Being an entrepreneur is about being resourceful, solving real needs and it requires courageous individuals, willing to take risks, be creative and put themselves out there. While that’s your job, you also need rest, will make mistakes and are imperfect – like any human.

What’s your story and how would you write its ending?

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