You don’t need to be 100% ready

Why would anyone listen to me?
Why would anyone put me in charge?
I’m not good enough.

Hands up! I’m guilty of this too.

We think we have to be 100% ready before we put ourselves out there because we’re afraid of what others might say. We’re fearful of judgement and criticism. We’re worried that our worthiness would be called to question and that if we fail, we become less of who we are.

That’s completely human.

And what I’ve found most comforting, is knowing that you’re not alone.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is believing in your worthiness for love and belonging regardless.

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You’re not defined by your job, income, academic grades, type of friends, number of friends, social media accounts or even the types of movies you watch. You’re you, a culmination of experiences, values and personalities. 

And you don’t need to be perfect.

offer yourself graceA story I recently read from Rich20Something by Daniel Dipiazza really struck out.

If you’re like most of us, you were probably taught how to ride your first bike by a sibling or an older family member. You wanted to badly to get on the thing and fly, but you needed help from someone who’d already done it before. When your older sibling offered to teach you, did you stop him and say, “Excuse me, are you a professional cyclist? How many Tour de Frances have you won?” 

For every one of us, we are in some ways – FOR SURE, have had the experience in areas that could benefit others.

It could be knowing how to use Excel to generate random numbers.
It could be knowing where to find the social media marketing books in the library.
It could be knowing how to speak Cantonese or Teochew.

(Those are FOR A FACT, things I didn’t know just yesterday and counted on others – who did NOT have a certification from an out-of-the-world institution, to teach and guide me along. And I was 100% OKAY with that.)

digital-nomad-millenial-woman-working-remotely-from-cafe-picjumbo-comIn every project, side hustle, job that you choose to embark on, you don’t need to be perfect. You don’t need to be 100% ready. You only need to have the hunger to learn. 

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