#realtalk Conversation Starters

Are you familiar with that intensely uncomfortable feeling of The Awkward Silence?

You and your friend sit across one another.

You contemplate talking about their interests and passions, but then again, what if there’s nothing much you can talk about their favourite band?

You consider talking about their family, but then again, what if that got too intrusive?

You end up, as always, talking about safer topics like the weather or traffic or LO AND BELOLD, about how little sleep you got last night.

We’ve all been there. I, for sure, have been there. And I absolutely dislike it.

Because after this conversation, you don’t know anything more about the person than you use to. You don’t understand how they felt about certain situations or why they respond in certain ways.

kaboompics_Woman Enjoying Cheese Cake and a Coffee with Fruits in a Cafeteria

Imagine if you could change the conversations that you’re having.

What if, with real conversations, you start to connect with yourself and others on a deeper, more meaningful level?

#realtalk brings you weekly conversation topics to get you started on understanding one another and yourself on a meaningful way.

Questions surround topics on courage, compassion, gratitude, joy, love, regret and any raw emotions that we all have as humans. The intentions of these questions are to deep dive into the emotions you feel and that makes you human.

Topics go up every Monday. Once a month, we pick a topic that is central to the month and have a live conversation about it.

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