101 of our SMFB Academy

You might have learnt about our SMFB Academy through many ways.

Your friend might have talked about it.
You might have heard it from one of our team.
You might have seen it written somewhere.

Truth is, SMFB Academy encompasses many elements. And today, we wanted to provide you with a 101 of our Academy so that you can choose the one that BEST FITS your goals and interests.


Q: What is the SMFB Academy?

SMFB Academy is the educational arm of Strong Mind Fit Body. It is designed to equip our Academy participants with 21st Century skills so that they may best serve their communities.

We believe that for you to practice compassion to others, you must first learn to practice compassion to yourself. As such, all programmes in SMFB Academy have a strong focus on self-discovery, self-awareness and self-compassion.


Q: What do you offer within SMFB Academy?

You can access SMFB Academy in one of the following three ways.

  1. By volunteering with us as SMFB Champion, you get to practice career-relevant skills. You choose from three developmental tracks, namely: Human Resource, Communications (includes copywriting, photography and video editing) and Safety.
  2. By signing up for the Student Champion Development Programme through your school, you learn how to run impactful community service projects and how to make them sustainable. Teachers can connect with us here.


    An online version of this programme is coming up soon! If you’d like to register for this COMPLETELY FREE, STEP-BY-STEP COURSE that will guide you on:
    – How to discover community needs
    Brainstorm for creative solutions 
    – Rapidly prototype and test
    Design for sustainability 
    – BONUS content on clarifying your intentions 
    – BONUS content on building strong teams

    Get first dips here!

  3. By enrolling in our Workout Leaders Programme to become a workout leaders to run SMFB Neighbourhoods sessions. We’re currently running our trial programme. Register here to stay updated!


Q: Is this a paid programme?

Our Students Development Programme, Workout Leaders Programme and SMFB Academy Online courses are all paid programmes.

However, there are TONS of free resources we have available.


We hope we’ve covered most of your questions!

More questions? Feel free to reach us here.

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