Tip #2 Establish team roles and review consistently

Yes, you need a treasurer, an outreach person and maybe a chairperson to oversee everything. This clarifies job scopes and responsibilities. It definitely minimises overlaps and increases chances of things getting done.

However, beyond GETTING THINGS DONE, remember that the people you serve and the people you work for are just that – people. Individuals just like you and I, with multitudes of experiences, personalities, tendencies and highly individualised hopes and desires.

That’s the whole basis of our SMFB Academy.

That’s why it is important to first clarify your intentions. And when you work in a team, remember that others would also have theirs. Job scopes might get things done but they don’t always align completely with an individual’s interests.

So know your team and establish team roles that emboldens your teammates.

Be sure to check out Tip #1 for a freebie! 

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