Tip #7 Draw insights from other industries

When we think of community partners, who do we immediately think of?

They could be senior activity centres, day care centres, dementia rehabilitation centres or nursing homes. However, a “partner” is an individual or organisation that undertakes something with you, sharing the associated risks, challenges and of course, the benefits. This could apply to anything, from business transactions to event planning to a marriage.

(Don’t just take my word for it. Listen to Oxford!)

Anyone from any organisation has the potential to be a partner. There’s so much to learn from the way they lead their team, brainstorm, make money. These are practices with intentions to effectively engage with the world. When it comes to service, engagement also forms the basis of what you do.


Summary of our past week’s worth of tips!

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Tip #1 Clarify your intentions

Tip #2 Review team roles consistently

Tip #3 Understand the stage of your project

Tip #4 Know how your partner is evaluated

Tip #5 Manage expectations (including how you feel!)

Tip #6 Everyone is first a partner

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