Tip #5 Manage expectations (including how you feel!)

“You don’t need to be perfect.”

I’ve heard that countless times, from my family, friends and even ex-bosses. They tell you these things, but the words have little effect until you internalise what they look like.

Not needing to be perfect means that you can:

  • Feel afraid about an upcoming event
  • Feel nervous about sharing a completely untested idea
  • Feel inexperienced in a new position within the team
  • Feel inadequate about the lacklustre response to your suggestion
  • Feel angry about the way a teammate treated you
  • Feel uncertain about how to give feedback

And it doesn’t change the fact that you are still worthy of being heard, feeling loved and have a sense of belonging.

These ideas, actions, plans and even the feelings are part of you but they are not you.

Manage these expectations for yourself and for your partner by being accountable for them. When you are unsure, fearful or nervous, share them authentically and ask for the support you need. It could come in the form of a practice session, or setting the stage for honest and constructive feedback.

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The same also applies for your team. You can set clear expectations on what you want to learn and how they might support you in your learning.

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