Tip #3 Understand the stage of your project

I love the quote – “Don’t compare your step 1 with someone else’s step 10.” It is perfectly normal to feel like you have to prove yourself by having a full impact report, 5 to 10-years plan and full presentation on how you are going to make this project sustainable.

RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, I’m telling you,
“You don’t need to know everything.”

For sure, partners might have their own plans based on their project progress. It’s NOT your responsibility to try and get them to fit your stage, or to get the two of you to match perfectly. However, it IS your responsibility to be aware of what stage you are in.

You can be in any of these project stages:

  • Market research
  • Ideation
  • Testing 
  • Growth and expansion 

Once you’re clear of what stage you are in, you can then go into discussions trying to find a right fit (instead of trying to be the right fit!). We’ve put together a simple matrix to allow you to decide which stage you are in.

Get the downloadable template in our step-by-step guide on “Connecting, Engaging and Managing Community Partners.”

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