31-Days August Workout Challenge!

Have you ever promised yourself that you’d wake up before the dawn breaks for a quick run or a HIIT workout?

I have!

I’ve also read articles and books and Instagram posts (EVERYTHING! YOU NAME IT!) about how starting the day with a good workout energises and readies me for the rest of the day.


YET, I find it so challenging to follow through.

Imagine if you started your morning commute, your first department meeting, your crazy manoeuvre through human traffic for coffee, newspapers and mail on the right foot. Imagine if you positioned yourself to feeling creative, joy, gratitude, compassion, courage for the next 16 to 20 hours. Imagine if you CAN DO THAT just by changing the way you start your mornings.


This month, we have put together a 31-DAYS AUGUST WORKOUT CHALLENGE.

It’s completely FREE. And with it, you get:

  • 31 different strength-based interval workouts.
  • Get fitter and stronger with ONLY 3-5 minutes, including warm up
  • Accompanying FULL-LENGTH workout videos


You can join the challenge simply by watching out for the video uploads on our Facebook Page and subscribing to our YouTube channel. If you’d like to receive weekly boosts of inspiration and encouragement, you can also SIGN UP FREE here.

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