How Music Keeps Your Body Healthy

We use music in our SMFB sessions all the time. *NEWS FLASH! If you’d like to contribute to our SMFB workout playlist, click here for our collaborative Spotify playlist.* That’s because apart from livening up the environment, it does a whole lot more.
listening to music

How Music Changes Your Exercise

  1. Increases our tendencies to move to synchronous sounds (It keeps everyone on pace and we can also increase the intensity according to the beat)
  2. Arouses our desire to get up and participate in exercises
  3. Distracts us from the discomfort of exercise such as fatigue and breathlessness

Keeping Healthy For Life

Music can be extremely useful in encouraging active ageing. Studies have been previously done on sedentary seniors and results showed that exercising with music can make the whole process more enjoyable, reduce perceived exertion levels and also encourage more exercising. (Senior women on this study who listened to music while exercising walked longer than those who did not!) Exercising while listening to music can also improve cognitive function of seniors, specifically in visuospatial function.
Visuospatial function is a cognitive function that allows us to process and interpret visual information about where objects are in space. These objects could be furnitures, other people and ourselves. It underlies plenty of activities in daily living such as reaching for utensils to eat, walking around the neighbourhood without bumping into others or things. And the fact is, it is also normal for visuospatial ability to decline with age.
Apart from visuospatial function, music has been demonstrated to:
  • Improve performance in oxygen uptake and flexibility
  • Reduce feelings of pain during movement rehabilitation and therapy
  • Enhance quality of life of seniors living in nursing homes
Read more evidences on the benefits of music use here.
The thing is, it is not yet conclusive which type of music actually improves performance although on the whole, music encourages movement and improves cognitive function for people with dementia. So, it doesn’t matter what you like, pick your favourite and work out a sweat now!

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