What’s Purpose – and How to Get Some?

Strong Mind Fit Body (SMFB) believes in a nation where we can all age bravely – a dream built on empathy and compassion. In our work, SMFB Champs act as advocates and change-makers in transforming this dream into reality. Since we started, our team has decided from early on that the development of every individual crossing paths with SMFB was foundational for our good work to continue to flourish. For this reason, there has been extensive research done to design ways to support our SMFB Champs in their learning.


The Champions Development Programme has since been implemented (from January 2017), introducing various training sessions called “Champs’ Circles” to equip SMFB Champs with the social and emotional capacities, through providing safe spaces for introspection. These spaces are facilitated by internal expertise or external vendors so that every SMFB Champ grows from his or her SMFB Journey.

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What’s Next? SCDP for Secondary Schools and JC.

Student Champion Development Programme (SCDP) rolled out this year and is designed to benefit SMFB Champs aged 15-17. It’s for students to develop community engagement and problem solving skills while partaking in self-exploration sessions.


The learning outcomes of SCDP is developed along two threads –
(1) Student Development Goals
(2) Project Management Skills

The former focuses intensely on self-reflection and emotional leadership development with content gathered from research of Daniel Goleman’s work, among others; the latter is modelled after the Appreciate Inquiry Framework and Design Thinking philosophies.

Together the learning outcomes are interwoven into carefully designed 2-hour training sessions, conducted for 6 months. Out of which, 5 months is dedicated to experimenting and applying of community problem-solving skills. The sandbox of possibilities is no less than a learning lab filled with hope, guidance and inspiration.


The buzz of the 21st century conversation surrounding young people often questions how and why young people engage in community service – the stepping stones to doing good work and doing good work well is encompassed in the 6-month SCDP Journey designed especially for students aged 15-17.

We welcome educators and individual students to approach us with questions about involvement and partnership at admin@strongmindfitbody.com. Together, we can inspire the next generation of effective change-makers.



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